There are numerous programs to keep your computer's clock synchronized to NIST atomic time. Some are no doubt better than others. Dialup and dedicated IP cable customers may use virtually any program and connect directly. A Google search on "timeserver" will provide many choices, or you can follow our recommendations below.

Keep in mind that there is 'lag' over the Net. It's typically 40ms or less for us, so consider it to be accurate to the nearest 1/10th second.

The program we support is called NetTime. It is very compact, easy to install and configure, and it's freeware.


To get the installer Click Here and save it to a convenient place like your Temp folder.

Next, go to your Temp folder and doubleclick NetTime-2b7.exe, which is the installer. Accept the defaults.

NetTime is designed to be unobtrusive. Most of the time, all you will see is an icon in your System Tray. You can run NetTime as a regular application, as an NT service, or as a Win95/98 pseudo-service. The installer takes care of setting up whichever you decide you want. When NetTime runs as a service, you can still load the system tray icon, which connects to the service through shared memory.

All Dialup Customers and Cable Modem Customers
NetTime Config

Make sure to uncheck the box "Allow other computers to sync to this computer" Check the others according to your preferences.We suggest using standard time values as illustrated.

Once running, rightclicking on the icon in the System Tray gets you a quick view of NetTime's current status. NetTime Icon


Here is NetTime's Home Page if you want to read more about it.

If you want to remove it, there is an uninstaller in your C:\Program Files\NetTime folder.

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